Goals for the New Year

by zeenadash

The 6:00 AM Crew! Still smiling after our workout today.

Inspired by a post on the FitWit Decatur Blog, I have been thinking about setting fitness goals for my first session of FitWit. While I have sucessfully set and met goals in other aspects of my life, I have  had a much harder time creating and executing smart goals for my physical health and wellness.  I have also regularly fallen into the trap of setting my fitness goals solely in terms of weight and clothing size.  This time, I am trying a new approach.

I picked up The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in the airport recently and have really enjoyed her approach to setting  resolutions and translating them into trackable action items. She created a self-scoring chart and awarded herself gold stars each day for the resolutions she kept.   I love this very concrete and measurable way of tracking progress daily.  And I love gold stars! I also saw this adorable gold star tracking sheet on the fitness blog, Yum Yucky.  Daily positive reinforcement of making healthy choices seems like a great way to go. 

So I am working on turning my larger goals into actions that I can track everyday.  I have goals like “Have more energy” and “Be able to jog a complete  mile without stopping to walk.” But I want to break these things down into something I can track each day.   Stay tuned for my goal tracking sheet. I plan to have it up this week.

I have completed two FitWit sessions and I am enjoying them so much! We have been focusing on correct technique and bracing  for our exercises. Many veteran campers have warned me that they are taking it easy on us, in an effort to get folks back on track after the holidays. But I am certainly feeling the so called “easy days”  in my muscles. Today, while working with Michelle on squats, she commented “See, you are already getting stronger.” It made me feel great! Now that is wonderful daily positive reinforcement. With trainers like that and gold stars, how can I not meet my goals.

Please let me know in the comments what goal setting and tracking techniques work for you.