Why can’t we be friends?

by zeenadash

I was getting a bit smug. After two days (and defying repeated warnings), I was lulled into thinking “FitWit is not that bad. I can do this!”  Then something came to smack that smug little grin off my face.

Meet my nemesis:

Why don't you love me?


The kettle bell hates me. Or to be more precise, I think I may hate it. If you want me to write you a 10 page single spaced paper on how to correctly execute a kettle bell swing, I can do that. But if you want me to actually execute one properly… ummm… not so much. Stacy, the trainer, worked so patiently with me today as I fumbled each swing. Intellectually, I understood her instructions, but physically, my form would not cooperate. I couldn’t get her coaching to translate into my movements. My knees wouldn’t bend enough and my hip hinge was all off.

Let’s not even mention the soreness I felt when I woke up this morning. I know it is all part of the journey. But I imagine a Jeju Sauna visit is somewhere in my future.

I will keep working on that kettle bell swing and all the other exercises that elude me. I fantasize that one day I will swing that it like some of the veteran campers I saw today. In six months, perhaps I will be swinging like this


And proudly proclaim that KB and I are besties!