A Gold Star Week!

by zeenadash


An excerpt of a conversation that took place on Monday, January 2, 2012:

Me: I am starting FitWit Camp tomorrow!

Mom: That is wonderful. But please, Zeena, promise me you will not try to keep up with the seasoned athletes during camp. It is okay to be last.

Me: Huh?

Mom: You do remember those unfortunate few weeks you spent on the middle school J.V. basketball team…

Me: Yeah. Okay, I got it.


There were no athletic glory years for me. I know many who recall school team sports and P.E. classes with great fondness. That is not me.  I was a child who reveled in achievement.  I loved the A+’s and the gold star stickers (still do!). But there were none of those for me in P.E. I hated to be at the back of the pack in a race or chosen last for a team game, but that is often where I found myself.  I would try my hardest not to be last, even if it was not in my best interest to push myself that hard. So rather than fighting that fight, I decided athletics were not for me, and I would just opt out of sports and stay in the classroom.

So you cannot imagine what it meant to be chosen as “Camper of the Week” for FitWit on Friday! I have never, ever received any accolade for anything physical. Additionally, I am always at the back of the pack at FitWit, but the atmosphere, trainers, and campers constantly reiterate that we are not competing with each other, just competing with ourselves. This week, I have not felt bad at all about being last in completing a circuit or in running laps (thank you mom!). I have felt good that I have been there, doing things with my body that I never expected. Burpees, anyone?

I have also appreciated this past week of assessment. I like the idea of seeing where I am now and focusing on improving in the future. I am excited about being a better Zeena in six weeks.

After one week of FitWit, here are my quick observations:

1. Getting up at 5:30 AM is not as hard as I thought it would be. I can’t even believed I just typed that. But really, I have been surprised at how okay I have been in the mornings.

2. #1 is probably because I am sleeping like a log every night. FitWit workouts make for some quality zzz’s.

3. The workouts are very hard, but doable. The trainers and community support make you keep going, even when you want to quit.

4. I am becoming unbelievably (and annoyingly) chipper. I blame the early morning endorphins.

I am sure there are many observations and benefits to come.