Turkish Torture

by zeenadash

Last year, I had the amazing honor and pleasure of participating in a travel seminar in the Middle East. We journeyed, ate, and studied our way through seven spectacular countries. The trip was truly a life changing event. If I have any small complaint about the experience, it is that I did not get to visit the country of Turkey. I have long heard of the wonders and the hospitality of Turkey. It is at the top of my bucket list, or at least it was… until Monday.

On Monday, I was introduced to an evil exercise called the Turkish Get Up at FitWit camp.  Behold the Turkish Get Up.

Please take a moment to watch the exercise in the link. I found it extremely difficult to accomplish this with no weight, let alone with a kettle bell. I just don’t know if my body is built for that.


If I find out that the Turkish actually had anything to do with this madness, I am instituting a full boycott. With all the dazzling things that Turkey has to offer, this is what folks choose to export. I am not amused.

Beyond the Turkish Get Up, I am having a great second week at camp. I find that even after just a week and a half, I am able to do the opening jog without feeling as winded.  In the first few days, the warmup jog and exercises felt like a full on workout for me.  Who am I kidding? It still feels like a workout in itself, but I do feel like I am getting better at it everyday.  There must be something to this consistency thing.