Celebrating Small Victories

by zeenadash

Popular fitness and weight loss narratives have conditioned us to expect the dramatic. Typically, it is only the transformation from couch surfer to marathon runner or the loss of 50+ pounds that warrant television commercials, reality shows, or magazine covers. With all this emphasis on the BIG change, it is easy to miss our small milestones along the way.

There is a steep incline on my path to class and the other day I walked up it without getting winded. It was a little difficult to celebrate this victory initially because:

1) I didn’t notice it at first and then…

2) I didn’t want to admit that I used to get winded waking to class.

But today it completely sunk in and it felt amazing.

Another small victory occurred at FitWit camp on Friday.  On January 6th, my first week of camp, we did an assessment workout called “Kristie.” And Kristie was one bad mamma jamma. The workout, and this was the beginner version, consisted of :

3 rounds (for time)-

2 indoor laps (running)

40 Lunges

20 wall balls (at least 12/10 pound medicine ball)

15 Kettle Bell swings (at least 35/20 pound)

10 Rows

10 Push-up Burpees


As a first week FitWitter, I was so not ready. My body had not attempted anything even close to this ever.  Every exercise tested me in a different way.  I got through the first two rounds of Kristie and then couldn’t make it through the third one. At 32 minutes, I called it quits.

Kristie haunted me. I am fine with a slow time. I will gladly be the one in the back of the pack. But I wasn’t fine with an incomplete.

This Friday offered me an opportunity to revisit my old challenge. When Kristie and I met again, I had five full weeks of camp under my belt.  Kristie was still hard, but five weeks of FitWit has taught me that I could do it. When I felt myself resting for too long, I remembered the January 6th workout and the fact that I wanted to finish it this time. And I did it! I completed all three rounds of the exercises in 29 minutes!

Workout by workout, my inner wonder woman is emerging. Small victory by small victory. I know I will not transform overnight, but each time I show up to workout I feel that transformation taking place.