My Hero!

by zeenadash

I ended the last session of FitWit on a high note. After six weeks of camp, I improved immensely on all my fitness indicators.   I more than doubled the number of squats, single jump ropes, and pushups I was able to do in a minute. I shed a few pounds and inches. I also noticed a considerable boost in my energy level and the quality of my sleep. I even felt like I was more focused and performing better in other areas of my life, like school and work.  With all these great improvements, I was still looking forward to the week off between camps.

During the week off, I traveled to visit my parents in Tennessee. My dad was celebrating his 59th birthday. 58 was a difficult year for him, but we are all so blessed at how well he has made it through. He had his leg amputated, due to diabetes and severe circulation issues, and he also had a quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery. He is recovering well and is still incredibly active.  He is my own six million dollar man, complete with a new fancy bionic leg.

Isn't he handsome!

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful cheerleader in my Dad. It was his encouragement and his health challenges that inspired me to enter the Free FitWit contest. He reminds me often that I cannot take our health for granted.  So even when I feel blah and I don’t want to work out, I think of him. I think of the weeks he spent in physical therapy, as he relearned how to walk. I think of all the dietary and lifestyle changes he made, in order to be healthy, strong, and vital for many years to come. He tells me that what keeps him going is knowing that he will be able to play ball with his grandchildren (talk about reproductive pressure!). Through all this, he is still manages to be a rockstar at work and home.

If he can do all that, I can get my butt up and do a burpee or two. So when my week off was up, I was ready to FitWit it again.