Stop Waiting To be Who You Already Are

by zeenadash


Stop waiting to be who you already are. I saw this great quote by jewelry designer, Melody Eshani, on the healthy living blog, Paparoxi. I need to wallpaper my house with this sentiment. Waiting is often the default.  There are so many things I want to do, but often I wait… until Monday or… until graduation… or until I really grow up. But while I am waiting, time and life still plod on.

This quote is a powerful reminder that we don’t need a title, a degree, a certain fitness level, or anyone’s permission to start being our best self and living our best life.

I love that FitWit has pushed me to start living out one aspect myself that I had put off for so long. I always knew I wanted to be active and fit, but I waited. I claimed to be waiting until I had more time or more money or more energy. FitWit obliterated my excuses and now I am finding who I always knew was there. No more waiting.