Drop it Like it’s Hot

by zeenadash

A few years ago, my mom started a new workout program. During a visit, she excitedly shared her progress with me and one of my friends. My friend asked her what her long term goals were as she progressed with her workouts; did she have a certain weight or dress size in mind? Without skipping a beat, my dignified, church going mama offered a stunning response: “I just want to be able to drop it like it’s hot AND be able pick it back up.”


I have reflected a lot on my mom’s goal as I get ready to complete my second FitWit camp.  I loved her answer for several obvious reasons (#1,2, &3- My mom is a hoot).  But most of all, her reply made me consider that no matter what your body looks like, you have got to be able to do things with it.

After tomorrow’s workout, I will have been fitwittin for a full 12 weeks. And while I occasionally still lament some of my rolls and jiggles when I look in the mirror, working out with FitWit has helped me feel powerful! My body can do physical, powerful things.  I have not quite reached Serena Williams’ fitness status, I am certainly working it out.

My Fitness Sheroe.

And thanks to hundreds of squats, lunges, and wall balls,  I can drop it like it’s hot and bring it back up. Gotta make Mom proud.