Twas the night before FitWit…

And my sneakers are placed by the door with care, with the knowledge that 6:00 AM will soon be here. Pretty soon, I will be nestled all snug in my bed, where visions of squats, sprints and push ups will dance in ( and maybe torment) my head.

It is almost here! I am so honored and excited to be the Free FitWit Grand Prize winner for 2012.  The prize is six months of free fitness training with FitWit.  I have long been impressed by the work and mission of FitWit. I  cannot imagine a better partner in my quest to get fit.

But I am also quite nervous, as it starts tomorrow.  I am hitting the starting line of something brand new for me.

This is more than my nebulous new year’s resolution where I promise to get fit in the new year.  This is serious business that demands my commitment and hard work. This means being up at  5:30 AM  each morning, when I would love to hit the snooze button. This means pushing myself harder than I have before. This means lots of sweat and sore muscles. But more than anything, as a wonderful teacher reminded me this week, it means showing up. I can’t reach the finish line, if I don’t even show up for the race.

Please join me as I document this journey of showing up. It may not be pretty or graceful or fast, but I pledge to show up.  And I pledge to let you know how my first day goes tomorrow. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me.

And I’m off…